Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dear interwebz,

Dear interwebz,

You taught me how to hold my own.
You taught me how to persist in making my voice heard.
You taught me it's okay if half what you say is random - as long as the other half hits the nail on the head.
You taught me girls can have opinions.
You taught me those opinions might be right (or wrong, depends).
You taught me to show my feelings and no one would laugh.
You taught me passion and enthusiasm were positives and not negatives.
You taught me people can be shallow. Thank you. I will avoid those people in real life, the same as I now do online.
You taught me people can be magically awesome. Some people have single handedly changed my life. Yes, you.
You taught me to aspire.
You taught me to believe. In myself. In my capabilities. In my dreams. In my strengths, that I have some, that they are of worth.
You taught me to occasionally sparkle.
You taught me occasionally to despair.

I am, finally, comfortable with who I am.

Took a while. Got there in the end. We all do.

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