Thursday, 23 March 2017

No one but me.

Autism takes away.

But it gives. 6am. Crisp bite of the cold on my hands and neck. Rest of me warm under a big coat. Cup of tea clutched in my right hand, a counterpoint to the bite.

Chill out in my ears. Running water. Drift. Female vocals and she'll wind chimes. Transported. The sun is rising. Sky slowly changing from pink to orange with a backdrop of blue smeared with white clouds.

Meltdown reset. Meltdowns horrid while inside them. Weeping on the bathroom floor. Shivering and shaking, all control lost. Aware next door neighbour can hear me losing it. Not caring.

Ball of orange rising. Light changing around me. Inside the sunrise. Connected.

Intensity. Of appreciation. Of feeling. Cold and light caressed. Held safe.

All will be well. The sun will keep on rising. The blue will keep on coming. The beautiful sounds melting into my ears will keep on playing.

All will be well. Quiet. Serenity.