Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Child free

I ended up explaining last week to someone rude that the reason I could afford a massively expensive piece of kit like the Kindle (his intimation, not mine) was that we didn't have kids, didn't take expensive holidays, hadn't been abroad for 3 years and camped where possible to save money.

I wondered, a few days later, whether parents feel they have to justify their lifestyle despite having kids - 'gosh you bought a Kindle, that could have bought Chardonnay new clothes'. I doubt it.

I love gadgets and tech. I love that they make life easier, shinier, more accessible and more easy to navigate. I don't love make up quite as much as your average girl and I've never spent more than 20 quid on a t-shirt. That doesn't make me over paid, that makes me differently prioritised.

We don't talk about whether I'd swap the gadgets for kids.

Monday, 30 May 2011

How many words can live inside a consciousness?

Not as many as I have swirling around my mind, I'm afraid. And I've somewhere for the difficult stuff, somewhere for the work stuff, somewhere for the political stuff, and nowhere for me. Resulting in it all going onto Twitter which is no longer appropriate.

I write, increasingly, professionally, though I don't ever profess to fit the description. I simply shepherd words - sometimes they they pen well, sometimes they simply run amok all over the field.

I just keep on whistling.