Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Child free

I ended up explaining last week to someone rude that the reason I could afford a massively expensive piece of kit like the Kindle (his intimation, not mine) was that we didn't have kids, didn't take expensive holidays, hadn't been abroad for 3 years and camped where possible to save money.

I wondered, a few days later, whether parents feel they have to justify their lifestyle despite having kids - 'gosh you bought a Kindle, that could have bought Chardonnay new clothes'. I doubt it.

I love gadgets and tech. I love that they make life easier, shinier, more accessible and more easy to navigate. I don't love make up quite as much as your average girl and I've never spent more than 20 quid on a t-shirt. That doesn't make me over paid, that makes me differently prioritised.

We don't talk about whether I'd swap the gadgets for kids.

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